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Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Google My Business Category Analyze Tool

What is this 

This tool generates а full list of Google My Business Categories. You can generate the list in different combination between language and country. The default categories in GMB are in English with country USA. The list is not more than three days old! This categories are the same as the one you see in Google Maps.
There are 2 different views on how to see the results :

  • Tab separated - for easy export to Excel/Google Spreadsheet ( just copy and paste )
  • Table - you must check "Show results in table ( with option to search )" which gives the results in table with functionality to search.

In both variants the results are in two columns : first column is the category ID ( GCID ) the second one is the name of the category.

UPDATE: Now the columns are two more - when we first found the category and when was the last time we saw it. Also there is new row with information about the new categories from the last 30 days.

Best practice is to choose the most relevant category as your primary and to add 2-3 more additional categories that also describe your business but no more than 5-6 categories in total. After the name of your business the primary category is the most important factor!

Hint : You can use to compare results in English-USA and results in English-UK. The tool is free to use!

How to use 

Very simple : Select the language and the country you are in ( or use United States for generic results ) and hit the button "Fetch Google My Business Categories", wait few seconds and voila